Sunday, July 5, 2015

Why The Ingersoll Rand ST1000 Is The Best Starter

Ingersoll Rand has been a market leader in air starters for a long time. They have a reputation for quality and reliability throughout their product line, and as a result are the chosen suppliers for a number of large OEM engine builders including Caterpillar, EMD, and others. This reputation sets them apart from the competition, and it also means that when they announce a new starter in the line many people are eager to hear about it.

With the new ST1000 series turbine air starters, Ingersoll Rand decided to go all out with their engineering to find the most durable, bulletproof, and reliable design that they could. The result of that quest has been quite impressive to say the least. The Ingersoll Rand ST1000 brings efficiency and power to new levels, and features a simple design and an incredible patent pending solid aluminum rotor that won’t clog up with particles or debris, and an integral slip clutch that eliminates shock-loading and provides better long-term protection. Additionally, the powerful 70hp turbine motor requires no external lubrication and offers users with best in class levels of efficiency.

Ingersoll Rand ST1000 Series starters are ideal for harsh environments and difficult starting. Their engineers put the ST1000 Series through rigorous field and lab testing in order to ensure the starters would continue to perform without fail in any condition. They use a proprietary wear-resistant coating to deliver outstanding resistance to environmental contaminations. They even went as far as to fill an ST1000 with steel shot and try to start it..... and it still worked!

If you are in need of an air starter or if you already have an existing starter that you would consider upgrading, the ST1000 is the starter to choose without a doubt. Even if you have an Ingersoll Rand starter already on your engine, the ST1000 is still an excellent way to improve your starting performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Guide To Purchasing The Ingersoll Rand Air Starter

Ingersoll Rand Air Starter motor forges power from the environment instead of relying on electricity. They are suitable for all types of industrial, automotive, and marine applications, with the capability of starting engines ranging in size from 5-320 liters. Of course, you will have to know the specifications of the air starter, before you go out there and purchase one. Below you will discover a short guide that will assist you on your way.

Carbureted or Diesel

Ingersoll Rand makes a long list of air starters that are suitable for diesel or carbureted applications. These air starters are very powerful and are capable of turning an extremely large diesel engine, but the same goes for the carbureted air starter. Make sure that you purchase the proper starter for your trucking or marine fleet.


An overview of the options that you will have to select from includes:

·         150T – Class 7 & 8 Trucks
·         ST900 – Locomotives with very large engines, but have a slow-acceleration start
·         ST1000 – heavy duty starter that can stand up to moist, salty elements, so they are perfect for marine applications
·         ST500 – maximum-starting power for off road trucking
·         150BMP – great for public transports, uses vane motor technology

This information should help you get started selecting the best Ingersoll Rand air starter for your specific needs.

Max Power and Pressure

When attempting to purchase an Ingersoll Rand air starter, it is vital to take the time to check out the maximum powerful and maximum pressure of the starter. Typically, your particular application and budget will ultimately play a role in the overall decision. Still, it is vital to know that Ingersoll Rand’s products typically range from 28 HP to 130 HP. In terms of pressure, these starters are available from 150 PSIG to 225 PSIG.
Benefits of Ingersoll Rand’s Turbine Starter

There is no doubt that Ingersoll Rand is one of the leading companies in air starters and this is for a good reason. First and foremost, their turbine motors, or air starters, are typically much lighter than vane motors. This makes it much easier to move them around and use them for their intended purpose. At the same time, these units do not require lubrication, which makes usage nearly effortless. Finally, these particular units are capable of storing a tremendous amount of energy.

The Ingersoll Rand Air Starter is capable of rotating at extremely high speeds of 60,000 RPM. Although there are a variety of different air starters available, the ST1000 is one of the newest. It is designed with solid aluminum to ensure topnotch performance and extreme durability. It is vital to remember that these units are typically very small, which may limit their speed. They’re also created with composite materials, which can make them insensitive to moisture. Either way, these air starters are top of the line and well worth it.


At the end of the day, it is vital to make sure that you have a sufficient air starter that will be able to move your company in the right direction. By sticking with a proven brand, such as Ingersoll Rand, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to receive an astounding product that will get the job done and will last your company for many years!